house_book_copyFor people concerned about exposure to toxins found in conventional building materials and practices, and for the millions of people who are chronically ill from chemical exposures (an estimated 15% of the population), Prescriptions for a Healthy House offers real hope and practical help in building or renovating homes in which humans can live without getting sick.

"Many good books have been written on healthy building, but until now there has not been a nitty-gritty reference manual that covers everything from theory to specification language in a way that can be applied to any construction type. Prescriptions for a Healthy House is introductory enough to be used by someone new to the field, yet detailed and practical enough to be a valuable reference for the more experienced. The best thing about this book is that it is laid out to be used. The graphic design allows for easy perusal to find the charts, case studies, specification language, resources, details, or supporting text. In fact, I made use of Prescriptions for a Healthy House the first day I got it: a client called with a question, and I turned straight to the relevant page and read her a concise list of practical suggestions. I was relieved not to have to comb my mental or physical database. The backgrounds of the authors-experienced architect, M.D., and healthy building consultant-combine to give the book a breadth and depth rarely found in one place. More than an admonition to go nontoxic or a list of materials, the book includes practical strategies and procedures, clearly gained from experience ensure that the finished home is a haven, not a nightmare. The case studies bring home the authors' points. When you read that a cleanup product caused a nearly finished house to be uninhabitable, you know why you need to specify everything that is used on the site. In fact, it makes me want to specify that every contractor read this book."
Carol Venolia, publisher of Building with Nature newsletter and author of Healing Environments, Santa Rosa, CA

"Prescriptions for a Healthy House really is a practical guide. It is easy to follow, enlightening, and incorporates materials and methods that are reasonable to apply to normal construction. I would highly recommend this book to Architects, Owners, and Contractors."
Richard Skinner, Architect, Jacksonville, FL

"Having read the first edition of Prescriptions for a Healthy House, I was so impressed that I asked the architect designing our house in Florida to use these concepts throughout. Were very pleased with the results."
Mathias B. Bowman, Chief Investment Officer of a very large venture capital fund, New York, NY

"Thank you for giving me and my builder access to a healthier way of building my home. Your book has been our bible!"
Hope Connors Brown, Hope Connors Interiors. LLC, Denver, CO "

"As a chemically sensitive individual, I would not want to be without this essential guide book because it is extraordinarily helpful, bridges the gap between the theory and the practice of building a healthy home and even includes special comprehensive lists of healthy building products and where to find them. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in building a healthy home. There's no other book like it."
Gina Block, Iowa City, IA

Prescriptions for a Healthy House, 3rd revised edition, is published by New Society Press, 2008.