What happens at the initial appointment?

Dr. Elliott does phone consultations throughout the country, but only after there has been an initial appointment in person at her office in Santa Fe. 

A detailed history is obtained, including questions about the diet, allergies, and possible toxic exposures throughout one's life, along with the other more routine questions. A physical exam is performed if necessary to evaluate the problem. Then a customized plan is drawn up based on the nature of the problem and the patient's resources and preferences. The plan may include comprehensive testing, a nutritional evaluation with a customized food plan, herbal and nutritional supplements, and a review of the home and workplace for toxic exposures.

Dr. Elliott does not do insurance billing. Patients pay at the time of service and are given a formal receipt which can be submitted to the insurance company. The cost of a one hour appointment is $215. Usually as least an hour is needed for the initial appointment. Subsequent appointments are charged according to the length of time spent. A half hour is $108, a fifteen minute visit is $54. Dr. Elliott's appointments start on time and end on time. You are asked to arrive 5 minutes ahead of your appointment time. 

Dr. Elliott is not a Medicare/Medicaid provider which means that patients with Medicare/Medicaid will need to pay for their visits out of pocket and will not be able to submit the bills for reimbursement.

Patients are requested not to wear scented products at the time of their appointment unless the scents are plant based and free of petrochemicals. This includes fabric softeners and scented detergents in the clothing.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, Dr. Elliott needs more than 24 hours notice in order to avoid the last minute cancellation fee. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Elliott at 505-471-8531. The office fax number is 505-471-3184.